About Exigent Softech Pvt. Ltd.

Growing up with a passion towards entrepreneurship, We struggled to fit as an employee in the corporate world – especially when services weren't delivered right. Either it was an episode after episode of fairy tale promises with no accountability, or a big fat invoice sent to the client for a minimal amount of delivery or good business cases not well supported by the backing technologies. We felt wrong, terrible in those moments and was not aligned with our core personal values of what we wanted to do – which is help people elevate their lives using technology as a tool. We firmly believe that quality doesn't have to be compromised and can be delivered at right pricing with no sticker shocks because of using technology as a variable. Especially in this age of AI, quantum technologies and robotic process automations, the number of frameworks and technologies available to bootstrap any product development in enormous. It all comes down to understanding the technologies at its core fundamental abstract level and using in the right way to elevate an experience or add value to a process. That is the founding principle of Exigent Softech.

As a Full-Stack Fintech Development Company in India, we help both startups and enterprises leverage the decentralized network built on the Fintech. Our Fintech Development Team utilizes our technical capabilities, product mindset and experience to build solutions that introduce a new level of transparency, efficiency and automation into our clients business processes.

Employees and customers of Exigent Softech stand to reap a lot of benefits when the best form of technologies, as custom solutions, is applied. The management of these organizations is also empowered to run and monitor the different aspect of operational activities. Our custom software solutions empower financial organizations to achieve maximum productivity. Exigent Softech custom software solutions are applicable at different scales. We also scale up solutions as necessary to accommodate the increasing needs of organizations. Blockchain technology and cloud technology are some of the latest technologies we apply in developing custom solutions for financial organizations.

We deliver highest level of customer service by deploying innovative and collaborative project management systems to build the most professional, robust and highly scalable web & mobile solutions with highest quality standards.

Why Choose Us?

Convince us to your idea, and you will get a trustful, credible and long term technological partner in us..

Deliver the service right

This doesn't mean follow the age old conservative way of committing less and delivering more. We simply don't set expectations that can't be met however be mindful about committing the maximum possible within the shortest amount of time using the right mix of technologies/framework. After all we are doing a service business and if we don't push ourselves and add value, where's the fun? More importantly we deliver what we promised without any slippage.

Price right

Neither high, neither low but just right for the service delivered. We are not money driven people expecting big margins but want to have fun by using the right mix of technology and being smart about it and driving the cost lower for our clients.

Pick relevant Projects

We don't just say “Yay” to all projects that come our way. We know our path, we really want to have fun in our journey and more importantly make it fun for our clients too. Yes, I will repeat– we are not looking for just another project. We truly want to have fun in what we do and strictly associate with projects that has a true impact either from a technology or via a consumer experience or through a social cause.

Right People

Exigent Softech strategy is around cultivating smart, respectful people with integrity. We focus on developing our peeps before we develop products or solutions. After all it's a people to people service using technology to enhance other people's life. So, it starts with having smart and innovative mindset people as without people, there is no strategy.

If you have come this far reading about us, I believe we are similar minded people that we should collaborate on making things better in this world – either it's a product development, or a digital transformation or using a conversational AIs or a machine learning algorithm or messing our hands together with a diverse of big data lake.