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E-mail Alert

Exigent Softech offers another features for mlm user or mlm administrator that is known as an Email Notification. E-mail Alert Users can be notified when a specific event has been fired.


Email alerts for individual Event:

Some events are:

  • When user get an epin he will get an email which contains a welcome message and his Epin code.
  • When admin done payout all the distributor get an email and message regarding theier payout.
  • At New Registration distributor get an email and message
  • On Fund Transfer to other member
  • At Withdrawal Reuest
  • At Upgrade an account distributor get an email and message regarding confirmation
  • OTP confirmation at various events.i.e: Fund Transfer,withdrawal reuest,update profile,change password,upgrade account


  • Reduce Paper Work
  • Reduce man power
  • Improve efficiency
  • Improve customer service
  • Less time consumiing process

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