Fintech Development Services

Fintech is an incorruptible digital ledger and has turned out to be a crucial digital transformation technology across multiple domains. Our expertise in Fintech development includes development and design of all services ranging from simple to advanced Fintech architecture to meet your business specifications and boost your business productivity.


Fintech Technology Consulting

Our approach to Fintech technology consulting begins with what, why and how Fintech can benefit your enterprise solution with its capability to bring trust and transparency.


dApps Development

From ideation to design and development, our Fintech developers can build enterprise-grade decentralized applications (dApps) to help clients accelerate time to market and maximize ROI.


Decentralized Exchange

Our Fintech development team can create a hack-proof and robust platform on Android and/or iOS and Web application development platforms to enable the real-time exchange of digital currencies securely and efficiently.


Smart Contracts Development

Our smart contract development team can develop and deploy smart contracts for public and private Fintech networks. We have built smart contracts for crowdfunding, Fintech supply chain solutions and various dApps.


Fintech Wallet Development

With Fintech skills and expertise, our Fintech developers can develop Fintech wallet applications that can hold a wide array of digital assets and currencies and offer the ability to check balance and track history.


Technical Development for ICO

If you have a business idea and need a platform for project monetization, our team is well-versed in delivering Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). We will provide an accurate technical realization of your ICO ecosystem: develop an ERC20-compliant token, build your wallet and oracles, and review the technical and QA parts of your Whitepaper.



Tokenization can eliminate volatility and bring more liquidity to a wide array of assets. Therefore, our Fintech development team can help you tokenize any asset you want, ensuring trust, transparency and efficiency.


Custom Fintech App Development

With expertise in multiple Fintech platforms, including Tezos, Hyperledger, Corda, Tron, Stellar and EOS, we build scalable and robust custom Fintech software solutions for enterprises and startups.


Fintech Ecosystems

Fintech ecosystems span a full range of Application trading apps allowing for transparent and immutable transactions. Exigent Softech crafts any Fintech ecosystem element from scratch including crypto wallets, analytics tools, multiplatform exchanges, Fintech explorers, oracle applications, and portfolio monitor solutions.


About Exigent Softech

As a Full-Stack Fintech Development Company in India, we help both startups and enterprises leverage the decentralized network built on the Fintech. Our Fintech Development Team utilizes our technical capabilities, product mindset and experience to build solutions that introduce a new level of transparency, efficiency and automation into our clients business processes.

Our team experienced in financial technology projects has technical expertise in areas such as robust, scalable and distributed architectures, automated trading, automated investment, Fintech, digital assets, performance and trading.

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Fintech solution

Fintech developed applications clearly steps in to solve all the issues and loopholes with its fast paced network performance which makes the end to end transaction ultimately anonymous by eliminating the top concerned problems in global payment settlements.

Trading Exchange - Enable to Buy, Sell and Pay

Staking mentions the operation of investing or locking up your funds in a digital-currency and receiving payments in the form of interest. In addition, you also get the benefit of cost acknowledgement when you choose to hold your coins for a specific period.

Trade Application - Enable to Quickly Transfer the Payment

Provides a view of each cryptocurrencies pair from a macro level on right chart visual presentation and an understanding of market sentiment along with volume of trades at that point of time.

Card Payment Gateway Integration - Debit, Credit Card

Our customized crypto payment gateway solution allows any kind of traditional business outlets and online business store to accept, send, receive, store & exchange cryptocurrencies and tokens payments online. Exigent Softech developers ensure that every online business store, enterprises and individuals have access to the most advanced, transparent and reliable crypto payment solutions on the market.

Fintech Investment Solution - Enable to Invest and Earn Money

Regardless of whether you're investing into stocks and offers, gold or Ethereum, expansion should consistently be the situation. Crypto financial specialists wagering on the following huge thing should be careful that not all monetary standards make it, so it is reasonable to have fingers in a few pies.

Application Lending / Loan Solution

Lending money looks to come up with a decentralized lending solution in the marketplace. That should enable borrowers to deal directly with lenders easily and feasible. As of now, lending in a centralized process involves too many intermediaries. The brokers, auditors, and loan managers are included in this. So, they wanted a Fintech-based P2P lending platform that could eradicate the needs for mediators by bringing trust to the system in an effective way.

Application Payment Solutions - Pay and Paid Anywhere

The Payment sector includes all types of institutions that facilitate the exchange. The funds between the parties across all channels also be gained through this exchange vastly.

Defi Swap and Wallet Setup - Full Control to your Fintech Assets

Allow your users to transfer funds without getting worried and in-secured feel. Show up the liquidity flow on time to grab their trust and make your platform informative. They can view their transaction progress at any time and can validate their transactions with a pin or 2FA(two factor authentication). As well as view all the necessary transaction details as detailed reports.

Cross-border payment

Exigent Softech develops high-quality solutions for sending funds globally in multiple currencies. These solutions power smooth transactions with fast processing and accurate reporting of activities. Third-part API is also smoothly integrated into our cross-border payment solution.

Digital wallets

Digital wallets are some of the tools currently driving the FInTech sector. We develop the most efficient digital wallets that enable customers of financial organizations to make payments on the go. The digital wallets we offer include those that affect P2P payments as well as digital money transfer. With digital wallet solutions, we empower financial organizations to empower their customers financially providing access to funds on the go.

Security Features in Our Fintech Solution

Security Features of our products are tailored to profer critical solution in the FinTech industry. Our Fintech solutions for financial organizations include security features:

Security First, Always

In other words, the buyers of software are putting security first when purchasing a subscription and SaaS companies are beginning to imitate when building products.


Deposit checks

That's mostly helpful for businesses that are required to capture images of multiple inspections at once, and corresponding to mobile deposit can be just as fast as a desktop scanner built for this purpose.

FinTech investors often push for solutions in peer to peer payments that might ignore the paper checks. the way the world of peer to peer payments works today is very often with paper checks.In what has become a highly cited statistic from the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP).

Withdrawals Protection

Fintech related some policy measures to be useful to classify into three groups:

  1. To those who directly regulate fin-tech activities;
  2. To those who are focused on the use of new technologies in the provision of financial services actively.
  3. To those who really in need to promote digital financial services more specifically.

Transaction screening

It is carried out with advanced monitoring and observation systems, which help to detect unauthorised pursuit on one�s accounts. The main areas that need screening are client acceptance and transaction processing.

Financial transactions will usually be subject to high-level screening before they are processed, with a more comprehensive search after the fact to recognize those which need follow up action.

Fund access controls

It brings the total capital effectively to access Fin-tech, which will use to proceeds of the investment to fuel the next stage of its development. To accelerate product innovation in the funding. And to continue its go-to market expansion and extend its partner ecosystem fully access to control.


Secure coding

It is practice of developing exchange software in a method that protects against the unexpected introduction of security vulnerabilities. Defects, bugs and logic defects are consistently the primary cause of commonly utilized software vulnerabilities.

Two-factor authentication

We apply technologies such as AI and Fintech in automating transactions as well as providing digital brokerage and support.

  1. Password
  2. Biometric identification
  3. Email verification
  4. Phone verification
  5. Autheticator

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