Affiliate with IVR MLM Business Solution

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Affiliate with IVR MLM Business Solution

We have Successfully Integrated IVR and Short Code Module with our MLM Business Solution. Through this module you can operate your MLM Admin and Member Back office without Internet. In order to get this process you need to send one sms from your mobile phone to one certain number which entirely customizable that mean you can choose your number. Once you sent sms like ( Reg Sponsor Name, Side etc) to Certain Number system will get the response as per you request.

Affiliate Concept

In Affiliate MLM Business Solution there are three Pillar Advertiser, Distribution Channel and User. Advertiser who wants to promote or Sell their product or Services, Distribution Channel Means you or Your System and User will be your Member. Your Job will be convert lead into customer for your advertiser and if you do so you will get paid from your advertiser.

How can you use Affiliate into your MLM Business?

Above we got clear picture that how affiliate works. Now point is that how can you get benefit from this Process.

In Order to use Affiliate Concept into your MLM Business solution, You can use two type of process for your Member or Subscriber. First Process is Working Income and Second Process is Non Working Income. In Working Income you can use any concept like Binary compensation plan structure, Matrix Compensation Plan, Level , Board Plan etc .

To achieve this Working Income your Subscriber or Member has to build his team and he has to work

In Non working Income, your member can get paid once he will do some work on Advertisement like registration, Video Click, Ad Click or Ad view and these advertisement they will receive from you on behalf of your Advertisement once they will compelet this task you will get paid from your advertiser and you can distribute some share from your income to your subscriber, is that fair deal, Well I think so.

Affiliate with IVR MLM Business Solution

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