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Amazon Sponsored Ad

The Future of Amazon Sponsored Products

Although Amazon optimization is still in a very early stage, making it difficult to tell what they’ll come up with next, there will no doubt continue to be improvements to the current functionality of Sponsored Products.

Indeed, for those that have access to the new Beta version in the Amazon Campaign Manager, you’ll notice that there are additional metrics which allow for deeper drilling.

Like Google Adwords, Amazon has launched theier own PPC Platform for there marketer.Although Amazon PPC Palt is in very initial stage but it is very powerfull for new vendor who wants enhance his presense among theier prospects customer.

Suppose there are high ranked brand product is avialable on amazon and some one search this Product or Item. You as a new brand also place your product bellow top ranked product htough this Amazon Sponsored Prodcut Option by Amazon PPC.

Something found intresting

As we mentioned abpove its simillar to google adwords concept at the same time its very unique in features. Like Google Adwords, here also CTR will play a vital role that can be tracked within the Campaign Manager at the Campaign, Ad Group, and Keyword levels.

Amazon search algorithm focus to enhancing purchase and its proportional to CTR and Conversion Rate.Just in case if you do not know what is CTR is, allow us to tell you that it measures how often users click on an Amazon product after being displayed in search results.

CTR = Total Clicks ÷ Total Impressions

If a product is often clicked, the product is highly relevant and attractive.


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