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Telegram bot based application

We Exigent Softech always Provide Unique MLM Compensation Plan, MLM Project. In recent Days we have completed telegram Bot. Which can be implemented with your any project like e commerce, Cashback program, MLM Software or network marketing software.

For now we have integrated this bot with MLM daily ROI Project and Crowd Funding or Gift, Helping MLM Plan but let me allow to tell you that we customize each and everything as per your individual need that means we can customize this telegram bot with your any project.

Telegram bot mlm business solution is highly Secured and Unique and contains various Feature of MLM Software, which can play a vital role for your network marketing business.


How to use telegram bot based application:

To use this Exigent mlm software Telegram bot you need to add into your telegram application whether you are using IOS or Android it would not be create any problem. You can manage with both.

You need to add bot into your telegram application like you add your any friend into your telegram and the you need to write /start and after that bot will show you menu option and application detail like your chat or support representative. You need to give your instructions to bot and bot will give you result accordingly.

It is really really easy to use yet powerful security and inrich features cause we are using Telegram API to create this bot.



Open Telegram
( If you don't have download it from here)


Open Exigent Telegram MLM Bot
in your telegram application


Press "Start" and follow instructions




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