Traditional Binary Compensation Plan Overview

Binary MLM Compensation Plan the Power of SpillOver ...

Binary Compensation Plan is Unique because it gives you two side to work and Matchless Features that is known as Spill Over. In Binary MLM Compensation Plan you have two side first is left side and second is right side and your Pay Commission always calculate according to your Leg matching.

How Does the Binary Compensation Plan Work?

Binary Pay Plan or Binary MLM Compensation Plan works something around one root and two node algorithm. Binary compensation plan structure provides very attractive simple and user friendly tree structure to MLM World and this is the key factor of Popularity. Either user is new or experienced both will find it tremendous. The main earning objective of the binary compensation plan is to manage and balance the amount of leg volume flowing through either side of your business.

Suppose you have 700 Members or Associates in Your Left side and 1000 Members or Associates in Right Side. You will always get paid for 700 Members or Associates and remaining 300 Members from your right side will carry forward (In Most of the case). In Some Binary Pay Plan or Binary Commission Plan follow Flush Out rule that means After Max Out ( After your Payout Calculation either you are using daily payout, weekly payout or Monthly) You will get paid for you matching legs and after that both side will flush out and its totally depends on Business Commission structure it’s not mandatory.

Type Of Binary Compensation Plan:

1 : Binary Compensation Plan with 1:2 or 2:1 after that 1:1 Ratio


2 : Binary Compensation Plan with 1:1 Ratio